Your Spark Song – a handmade jingle to manifest your soul’s desire

What is your Deepest Desire? What do you long for?

If your dream is in alignment with your soul, the energetic principles of the Law of Attraction are ready to serve. The world delivers all kinds of magic if you:

  • Clarify your vision. What do you really really want? Make it precise.
  • Visualize it often. Believe it will happen (or, fake it til you make it).
  • Create a physical reminder to reinforce your dream: a collage, a sketch, or — a song!

Send out some powerful energy to make it happen.

When you’re grooving to a simple, clear, repetitive song, — and especially singing along — your mind, heart and body are one. You are sending a sonic vibration to the universe. Radiating.

This is why the ancients and indigenous peoples chant or sing mantra: it is pleasing to the spirits. Especially if you hold a feeling of gratitude. Especially if your desire feeds the greater whole (if it’s a sincere desire from your Spark, your core essence, it naturally will).

>> Get a short “manifestation mantra” crafted just for you and your heart’s desire.
It’s like a jingle for your soul. Women of Wisdom Special: only $25.00 til April 1, 2013. Details >>

Sample SparkSongs

[framed_box bgColor=”#F9E57D” textColor=”#000000″]Hannah changed schools and wants some new friends to hang out with, have fun and relax. This song plays in her head, and she smiles walking down the halls of her new school. Who wouldn’t want to make friends with a girl beaming a huge smile?


[framed_box bgColor=”#D1CCFF” textColor=”#000000″] Kathleen is in the midst of a big transformation, with lots of change swirling around. She wants to hold her calm center and enjoy the chaos as much as possible. Laughing…!


[framed_box bgColor=”#FFF58C” textColor=”#000000″]Sarah seeks an internship with a place that will nurture and support her desire to be a counselor and work with young people.

[blockquote]”Thank you so much for your song. Definitely was stuck in my head, and today I felt pretty low. BUT…I just checked my email and I received an email from a potential supervisor! Sounds pretty good too… supportive team and a good fit. My hopes exactly.[/blockquote] [/framed_box]

How does it work?

  1. Purchase a SparkSong session via PayPal. WOW Special: $25.00
  2. Fill out a short form about yourself, your desires, your favorite musicians and styles you prefer.
  3. We’ll schedule a 15-20 minute Skype call to chat about your desire and co-create a few song lines together. Fun!
  4. I’ll compose your vocal song within 3 days (usually less) and email it to you.
  5. You can make one revision to the song, to make sure it’s one that fits you and your desire, and I’ll send it back.
  6. Play it often. Sing along. Wait for the magic.