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Pathway to Joy: Appreciating What’s Right Here and Right Now.

I’ve always been called to inner work, but the biggest shift came during midlife, when I explored the layers and blocks that built up around my Spark.

When my hormones first sounded the midlife change, I felt rage, dissatisfaction. I blamed my husband (a convenient scapegoat). Our relationship needed work, but I seriously needed a perspective shift.

Through dreamwork, journalling, dancing, making drawings of my inner state, diving into my feelings rather than avoiding them, I saw the truth. I was stuck in a groove, repeating patterns that had ruled my life for a long time.

I took a DIY approach, and made the journey a priority. I put aside writing projects and carved out alone time between family and work. Guided by my inner spark, inspired by the Carl Jung’s Red Book and other luminaries, I devoted body, mind, heart and spirit to exploring myself from the inside out.

The experience was fun, exhilarating, wild, deep and amazingly creative. I can honestly say my cells have transformed. I walk with new awareness. A joyful honesty. More to give others.

Now I’ve read dozens of well-researched books on change, creativity and midlife, which confirmed what I discovered. This is my philosophy of Change:

  • Time of turmoil and change? It’s your soul. Your spark. Calling you.
  • Your body has all the information you need to transform inside you.
  • We often need to bypass our minds and access other ways of knowing, like tuning in to different channels. Many different modalities work.
  • Transformation and breathing: We open ourselves to knowing (inhale). And then release what we discover in some form of creative expression (exhale).
  • We can all learn skills and practices to deepen our awareness of self, and What’s Right Here and Right Now.
  • It’s invaluable to be seen and supported by others as you grow. To hold you accountable to your own beauty and power.

That’s why I’m sharing the jewels from my experience and research with the community.

I want every woman to know what’s possible. I want every woman to have useful tools and skills that can really help. I want every woman not to feel alone while she’s taking it on.

Why I’m doing this:

I pursue creative excellence with wild abandon. As an art director and illustrator, I designed newspapers, feature films, public television, magazines and websites (winning awards and stuff). I wrote and published a fantasy novel, The Twins of Tessar. I’ve sung professionally and still dance like a teenager. Now my passion is to create juicy, unique creative experiences for you.

I heart transformation. I’m addicted to the joy that I get witnessing others as they grow and evolve. For over 3 years I’ve co-led a weekly teen circle, creating a safe space for teen girls to tell the truth. I also co-lead SpiritWind, a collaboration of wise women who guided twenty-something women in a year of inner and outer work that culminated in a vision quest. Powerful magic, indeed.

I’ve always asked deep questions. As the daughter of a Lutheran minister/Psychologist and a Zen Quaker, I grew up on spirituality, religion and philosophy at the dinner table. I’ve explored mystical and Eastern traditions and devoured the work of Carl Jung. It’s a gift to inspire and guid others into a deeper sense of themselves. To uncover the gifts that lie there waiting for you.

Creative transition work shakes up everything I love most – creativity, transformation and depth – in a delicious, nutritious concoction to fuel your shift. Plus, I believe the world will be a better place if each of us could go deeper, to the source of our truth. More consciousness = less conflict.

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