Authentic Singing Sessions

Express your full voice

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You want to sing what is in your heart, but something catches in your throat. Maybe your chest and vocal chords feel tight. Maybe there’s an inner critic or saboteur whispering mean stuff in your ear, or a panicky feeling that stops you. Or perhaps you do sing, but want to grow your skills and confidence.

I can help. I’m a singer, yet I avoided the risk of singing for many years. I was afraid of my own powerful voice, of standing out (more on my story here). Now I sing daily and perform regularly in Seattle singing circles and with a new vocal troupe.

Your voice is a direct expression of your core essence. To open and work with your voice touches upon physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Having studied with many vocal masters, from gospel to jazz to sacred chants and sound healing, I offer a balanced mind-body approach to the art of the voice.

What happens in an Authentic Voice Session?

  • Nurturing vocal techniques to open and strengthen your true voice
  • Practices to soothe tight or blocked places: throat, chest, heart, gut
  • Body work practices to support and enhance your voice
  • Suggested exercises to tune your body and voice

Body and Soul Sounding Sessions also available. Sounding gives a voice to hidden aspects of your body and spirit. Soothe and release emotional material in your tissues, for greater acceptance and self-compassion.

Try it out!  FREE 15 minute session via phone or Skype. Please call me at 360-598-3846 to schedule a good time.

Authentic Voice Sessions are $40 per half-hour session, $75 for one hour, and $105 for 90 minutes. Three 30 min. sessions: $100.

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