SparkCircles: Create & Connect

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[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2308″ align=”right” width=”375″ autoHeight=”true”]I believe that where you are RIGHT NOW is really, truly, deeply OK.

Yet in my life, when I’m connected with my core Spark, I feel stronger. More intuitive. More compassionate. More able to live my dreams.

In this bi-weekly group coaching format, we:

  • Enjoy healthy, homegrown snacks
  • Honor the divine with ritual and gratitude
  • Give and receive support for our hearts’ desires, relationships, work
  • Create a judgement-free zone to share your truth and be seen and accepted
  • Explore creative channels to express ourselves (soul collage, songs, medicine walks, etc.)
  • Stand in our strengths and challenges, laughing
  • Allow the flow of feminine energy to revitalize us for what’s next

We sometimes use my “un-Tarot” deck: HeartsQuest: Everyday Tools to Navigate Change. These tools invite insight, self-care, and mindfulness through motivational games.


      • First and Third TUESDAY from 6-9, ongoing. You are welcome to join us!
      • Private homes in Indianola, Suquamish, North Kitsap
      • Tea & savory snacks provided
      • $10-20 suggested donation per session. Work trade/exchange possible.
      • Dropins ok.
      • Questions? Txt or call Christine 206-852-3152.

Let’s connect in a deep, nourishing way.

[divider_line]Comments about  S.H.I.N.E. (Shift Habits into New Energy) class:

[framed_box bgColor=”#F1E0FF” textColor=”#000000″]”I am much clearer who I am, where I want to go, and what to do to get there. I loved this experience and the connection, support and clarity I received from the group.” – Darcy H.[/framed_box]

[framed_box bgColor=”#D8F1FF” textColor=”#000000″]”The class caused me to awaken to where I find joy and to pursue it more actively. I’ve forged new friendships and the awareness that the negative archetypes of my life can also be beneficial.” – Christine C.[/framed_box]

[framed_box bgColor=”#F1E0FF” textColor=”#000000″]”I’ve surprised myself! Negative thinking about my circumstances have significantly eased. I now have compassion and patience toward my situation and hope for continued change and new learning.”- Deborah D.[/framed_box]

[framed_box bgColor=”#D8F1FF” textColor=”#000000″]”I listen to “me” more. I hear the negative voices, recognize who they are and why they are saying them. I can better understand my reactions to the outside world, and my inside world. I learned I am not alone.” – Debbie C.[/framed_box]

[framed_box bgColor=”#F1E0FF” textColor=”#000000″]”I’m more determined to change – or let “me” out. I am so pleased to have met some pretty great women, and find my struggles are superficial situations that try to stop me from letting me out.”- Petra[/framed_box]



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