Spark Story: 1 min. trailer


Spark Story + Workshop: 5 min. overview

Clips of Spark performances & workshops, and the intentions behind Spark Story.


Spark Story is for… 3 min. overview

How Spark Story empowers women, encourages creativity in youth and well-being in all.

Spark Story: Ignite Bainbridge

Spark Story in five minutes. Ignite Bainbridge at Bainbridge Cinemas, for an audience of 150.

An Ignite talk is similar to a TED Talk, just 5 minutes long, with slides that automatically change every 30 seconds. So much fun!

Spark Story: 10 Minute Play at Island Theatre

Directed by Kate Carruthers with actors Barbara Deering and Guy Sidora. Island Theatre 10 minute play competition, Bainbridge Performing Arts, WA. 2012

Spark Story at Unity Center for Positive Living (30 min. plus meditation)

Mothers Day 2017 musical presentation, Centralia, WA. for an audience of 100+

Spark Story at Story Night (20 minute version)

Storytelling with spontaneous songs and audience participation. Performed at Story Night at the Barn with a View, near Port Gamble, WA. for an audience of 60.


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