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Empower women. Change the world.

When women thrive, communities thrive. Yet as a woman, you cringe knowing how often you get in your own way.

How can you change the story? So  you can flourish and share your bad*ss gifts in the world?

In a recent survey of young women who became agents of change,  46% replied “self-awareness,” a process of  “knowing who they are” as the leading factor.

SPARK STORY shows you how to face your inner Mean Girl and other forces that hold you back.

[note title=”Inner Critic” align=”right” width=”250″]”The show really opened me up, because you voice the inner critic, calling it out!”
– Nora Harrington, Bainbridge Island, WA[/note] SPARK STORY is a unique musical experience that invites you to:

  • Explore inner blocks to your own full-on creativity
  • Express your full voice
  • Identify next steps on your path

SPARK STORY delivers a heartfelt, positive, action-oriented message to empower YOU. Spark Story motivates attendees at women’s group or meeting of all sizes.


Spark your Womens’ Group

[note title=”a universal story” align=”right” width=”250″]”We can all understand this. I want my daughter and my mother to see it.” – C. Hille, Seattle[/note]

Are you part of a womens’ group, womens’ organization, or non-profit devoted to female leadership, business or entrepreneurship?

If you need an engaging motivational speaker, SPARK STORY has inspired laughter and positive action among women in the Northwest since 2012.


To bring the Spark Story experience to your women’s group or women’s professional meeting, please click here.


Past Spark Events to Empower Women:

Women of Wisdom Conference Featured Presentation, Seattle, 2018

• 2017 Fall Tour: Denver, Boulder, Salt Lake, Tahoe, San Francisco, Berkeley, Ashland & Portland

• Womens’ Red Tent Ceremony, Sacred Groves, 2016

[note title=”Back to Center” align=”right” width=”250″]”You brought me back to my center, to harmony, to what is essential.” – Isabel, Argentina[/note]

Women of Wisdom Conference workshop, “Open Our Voices Now: the Power of Song and Spoken Word,” Seattle, 2015

Wise Acres Community, “Teen Voice Spark Camp, ” Indianola, WA, 2015

• TedX Youth (non-official event), “Regaining Confidence,”  Bainbridge Island WA, 2012

• Community Connections Women’s Workshop, “Unveil your Divine Authentic Self,” Seattle, 2013

• Wild Woman’s Circle; Days Creek, OR, 2012


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