Testifyin’ – what others say

“I deeply appreciate Christine’s clarity, her insight and ability to distill the essence, her focus on simplicity, her sense of humor, her creative solutions, her depth of compassion, and the fullness of her singing dancing artistic being!”
— Liz Matteson, women’s group co-founder, herb goddess, Veriditas Gardens

“Christine pretty much holds the keys to the human soul. She is always there, cracking the door a little bit wider, listening. And she is almost psychic: when you’re wanting to hear a certain thing, often she’ll say it. She can make almost anyone feel beautiful, sound beautiful, act beautiful.”
— Gab Vogt,  writer, hiphop dancer, Teen Circle member

“Christine is one of the finest people I know on the planet. Kind, open, authentic, warm, flexible, positive, loving, creative, thoughtful, responsible, discerning, the list could go on an on…Anything Christine puts herself into is a blessing for those lucky enough to experience her.”
— Linda Wolf, photographer extraordinaire, author, activist, non-profit Founder-Director, Teen Talking Circles.org

“I absolutely recommend Christine. She is fun; she’s honest and authentic, very creative. I completely trust working with her.”
–Susi Costello, yogini, open-hearted teacher, non-profit founder-Director, SproutYoga

“Our teen circle has been one of the richest experiences in my life…it has helped me grow to a fuller self and it’s been great fun, too. I would of course recommend Christine to anyone who is looking to grow into their constantly changing self.”
–Carolina Veenstra, artist, bookbinder, explorer & community service diva

“In her spiritual/community group work, Christine creates space for not only the light, but the shadow aspects often so hard to carry alone. She shares the burdens and joys of accessing these deep recesses of our souls.”

— Jackie Levin, holistic nurse, intuitive healer, founder, Leading Edge Nursing

“Christine is an incredible combination of heart, soul and intellect. I’ve been significantly impacted by her thoughtful listening and creative communications. I absolutely recommend working with her.”
— Sue Eastgard, activist, non-profit founder & former Director, Youth Suicide Prevention Program

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