The Spark of Change

Navigator 4-Path Something’s calling. It’s your Spark. Say YES.

You’re always growing, changing, becoming. Still, certain phases of life open a door to something you could ignore, but your heart whispers: follow. It’s what I call Spark.

Spark is that precious chunk of the divine in you. It knows what you’re here for. What you need to be joyful. To express. To make a difference in the world, simply by becoming more YOU. Honing down to your core.

If you’re ready to step in, YAY! Because it’s deeply solo work, but you don’t have to do it alone.

I’ve navigated a lot of changes and creative callings. My Spark calls me to sing, and I follow that call on a daily basis. My Spark also says “HELL, YES” to inspiring and supporting you in following your Spark. That’s why I offer workshops and mentoring to teach you the practices that help me navigate change and live from my core.

My vision is to guide YOU back to the gorgeous, gifted Spark you were born with.

I work with all ages, in a variety of ways:

Four Spark Skills that really help:

1. Listen: The essence of making a joyful shift is to calm your busy mind. It’s tough to slow down enough for mindfulness, but it’s so worth it. Deep, intuitive listening activates that knowing presence within. Whatever you chose to call it — Spark, conscience, heart, guidance or God — it can lead you with grace and clarity, and give directions when you’re lost.

2. Learn: Study yourself like a bug. Sort out where and who you’ve been, and find the jewels you want to keep. Patterns of thought and behavior helped you survive, but have shadowy sides that can mess with your daily life. Learn to notice them. Call them out. Recognize their quirks. Transform them from annoying, destructive habits into helpful guides and allies. This is expressive and fulfilling work.

3. Love: Loving yourself EXACTLY AS YOU ARE, RIGHT THIS MOMENT, is a mighty balm for navigating change. Love soothes the setbacks that are a natural part of any transition. Yet it can be hard to turn your love beams on your very own self. Practice, right now. Send some love from the top of your head down to the bottom of your toes. Ahhhh – feels good. Now, see if you have more love and tolerance for others.

4. Let go and Leap: Time to release old stuff and leap into the new. You’re bursting with nurturing, delicious fruits, but patterns from the past are no longer ripe and juicy. To let go means to first be lovingly compost these old ways, or throw them against a wall! Bypass your fear and other barriers: harvest your gifts and share them in the world.

This isn’t a one-time wash-and-spin cycle. Rather, it’s a set of practices that can help bring more joy and balance as you re-align with your own depth and meaning.

As you find your way, it’ll take hold inside. It’s available when the Bitch Monster shows up or when life pulls you down. So you can rinse and repeat, whenever you need to.

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