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Blaze a trail to your heart’s desire

For most women, life is a blur, rushing past us at the speed of light. We’re so busy taking care of everything and everybody. How do we find time – and courage – to tend our inner callings?

That book you were gonna write. That dream you had once, of opening a little cafe. Or maybe it’s music. Exploring. Creating art. Community. Whatever it is…you want to do it. Really.

But something so often gets in the way.
Those voices in your head, telling you there’s always something more important to do. Or that you’re not good enough, or nobody will like it, or (fill in the blank: _______________)

[blockquote align=”center”]I don’t know about you, but I get grumpy – really grumpy – if I ignore what my heart asks of me. When I tend to it, even in small ways, I’m calmer. More peaceful. And I have more energy for everything else.[/blockquote]

I’ll share techniques I’ve used to work around those barriers, find your inner strength and flex your creative muscles.

S.H.I.N.E. is a supportive, playful series of group sessions.

  • A catalyst to spark your inner fire, for a project, a business goal, a dream
  • Support for wherever you are right now: questioning, beginning, moving or stuck
  • Hands-on tools, skills and games to shift your mindset toward what is possible
  • A powerful circle to guide you from confusion to clarity, from uncertainty to certainty

Through a series of sessions, we’ll develop & nurture skills to shift your energy toward what you really want.

Session 1: What brings me JOY?
Joy is your best signal that you’re connected to the source of creative power within. We’ll share a sweet way to envision and embody the joy you’ve always carried inside you, and to strengthen the connection to your source. I’ll share a framework I developed to make joy my daily priority.

Session 2:
 What stops me again and again?
Everyone has demons and dragons that try to stop us from moving closer to our dreams. We’ll shine a light on the voices and blockages that pester you. Through hands-on tools & games we’ll call them out on the carpet and bring them down to a manageable size.

Session 3: What are my hidden aspects?
Discover a few of your inner archetypes: the characters who sometimes boss you around or drag you back into old familiar territory, when you’d rather move forward. They also have your best interests at heart. Deep strengths. Amazing skills. We’ll focus on some practical methods to discern them.

Session 4: What are my hidden strengths?
Meet your inner guide who can guide you gently forward. Uncover the sources of your inner power. Learn practical methods to build awareness, support and strengthen these new pathways.

Session 5: What can I let go of?
Old familiar habits are so comforting. They are here for a reason: to keep us safe. Small. Keep us from taking risks. Leaning into your dreams means letting go of the side of the pool and swimming out into the open water. We’ll celebrate your mini-leaps and design a plan for moving forward.

Session 6: How can I bring them together?
Celebrate your new knowledge and love with a party. Let your characters be themselves in all their glory. Embody ways integrate them into your daily life. Instead of blocking your way, these characters can become partners in living the fullness of your dreams.

By donation: suggested $20/session

2012 is about shifts, about stepping into what you desire most. If not now, when?

Questions? To hold your spot, call Christine 360-598-3846 or email christine at navigatethechanges.com

About me:
For 25 years I’ve uncovered the jewels at the heart of a story, organization or business. Now I’ll do the same for you: shine a light on your brilliance, with clarity, compassion, songs & occasional belly laughs. My calling is a shift from creating in isolation toward community. To share my gifts and offer what I’ve learned. I honestly want to see you S.H.I.N.E. — in your own unique individual way.

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