Move, Groove and Gratitude

Move & Groove & Gratitude

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”1780″ width=”300″ autoHeight=”true” align=”right”] It’s a proven fact: Gratitude is Magic (here’s the scientific research; don’t skip the video. It’s lovely.)

For me , the word ‘gratitude’ sounds like something I SHOULD do. So how to make it lively and fun as well as meaningful? Combine it with music and movement. Which is also proven to increase happiness, once we get over our social anxiety.

Each day I take some time to give thanks to the four directions, the four phases of the day and seasons, the four ages of  life. I show my gratefulness to the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, including the creatures and beings that live in them, and appreciate the aspects within: Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.

Within this Four Directions/Elements structure, I offer some gentle Yoga stretches and very simple dance moves based on four cultures. Along the way I share reflections and songs as they arise.

This lovely blend of wholeness never fails to bring a smile to my face. Even if I only have five minutes, I do just a little bit, even if I’m driving! Why? Because the whole day is better. The more I give, the more magic comes to me.

I’d love to create a weekly time to share this practice with community. Here’s one upcoming opportunity.

Women’s Gathering & Healthy PotLuck

Saturday, November 23, 2013

2:00 – 5:30pm
at Wise Acres Common House
NE Midway at Kaya lane, Indianola, WA
Come and go as it works for you.

2:00 Arrive, Opening & Sharing Circle
3:30ish Move, Groove, and Gratitude
4:30ish Share food

Why Move, Groove and Gratitude?

Some people meditate. Some do yoga. Some pray. Others dance (on the weekends) and sing (in church). This format draws from all these practices to create a sacred, energizing and calm experience. Why combine them?

  • I’m a glutton (I love all the parts of this), and an efficiency freak.
  • This daily practice has profoundly changed my attitude and my life.
  • It impacts my creativity, overall happiness and ability to tend to what really matters.

What are the benefits of Move, Groove and Gratitude?

Movement and dance says “I love you” to your body, opens your heart and voice, keeps you healthy. Feels good!

Expressing Gratitude creates feelings of Happiness. Check out the research here. Together, it’s even more powerful.

Ritual creates a sense of meaning and purpose, and can help power the shifts you most want to make in your life.

Dancing and singing with others creates feelings of connectedness and joy. Proven fact.

Join us!

About Christine: I studied modern dance from grade school through college, and have practiced Hatha Yoga since high school. I’ve enjoyed African dance and bodywork workshops, including 5 Rhythms. I lead creative circles, classes and workshops for women and teens (full bio here.)

Questions? Call Christine at 360-598-3846


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