2014 Heart Path Training Series :: with Jackie Levin

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The Heart Path :: 2014 Seasonal Trainings and Retreats

Is your Heart calling you to tend a creative idea, a dream for career or business? Or perhaps it’s a relationship, healing, or more joy in the present moment.

The Heart Path is a series of seasonal trainings and retreats. Each offers a set of skills and practices to guide you in following your Heart’s Desire. And each training offers new ways to work with the inner and outer blocks that can get in your way along the path.

Our creative, nature-based experiences draw from the energies of the four seasons, to better work with the prevailing time. Attendance at all four trainings is not required.

Group calls and individual creative healing sessions are available to support you between trainings. Contact us for more information: Christine@TheJoyFinder.com, 360-598-3846
or Jackie@LeadingEdgeNursing.com, 206-304-7703.

NEXT TRAINING: MOMENTUM Saturday, July 19, 2014


Clearing the Path to your Heart’s Desire: A spring training for hearts, minds and butts — May 17, Pond Rd. Retreat Center

Fueling the Fire: Momentum on the Path of Heart  — Summer Training to Optimize your Energy  Flow — Saturday, July 19, 2014

Harvesting Intuition: Developing Sight, Sound and Symbols to Guide your Path —  Weekend retreat, Thursday, Sept. 18 (evening), through Sunday, Sept. 21, Port Townsend, WA. Cost and full details coming soon.

Honoring Wisdom: How to rest, receive and restore your path — November 8, 2014. Details coming soon.

4 reasons why you should consider training with us.

  1. Because you’ll be inspired by our combination of ancient wisdom traditions, research-based teachings, energy work, time in nature, and deep belly laughs.
  2. Because you’ll benefit from the years we’ve spent on the Path of Heart, befriending our inner light as well as our shadows.
  3. Because you’ll connect with others in the compassionate circle we create for fellow travelers on the Path of Heart.
  4. Because you’ll grow as a result of the creative tools, practices and processes we share.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2705″ align=”right” width=”120″ autoHeight=”true”]Hi, I’m Jackie Levin, RN, MS and my path of heart is shifting the paradigm of health and healing through mind-body-spirit practices. As a Board Certified Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse, Coach, and author, I guide health professionals and people who seek the tools to tap into their own inner resources, gaining momentum on their Heart Path of vitality and wholeness.   (more about Jackie >)

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2764″ align=”left” width=”120″ autoHeight=”true”] I’m Christine Castigliano, and my heart’s path is to use my authentic voice to fire up the Spark of truth, joy, and creativity within everyone. As a social artist, singer and author, I guide teens and adults to express their core essence through deep listening, storytelling and sound. I’ve written novels, designed and illustrated websites and publications including TIME Magazine, and perform regularly with a crew of ecstatic singers in Seattle. (more about Christine >)

Following your heart is not for the faint of heart. That’s why a community of support and mentoring is so vital. We’d love you to join us for any of our 2014 trainings or retreats. And we trust you’ll find the path that works for you.

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