Good Girl, Bad Girl and the Authentic Woman: a playful Retreat

Is there a Good Girl and/or a Bad Girl inside you?

Do they get in the way of your heart’s desires, your callings, the courage to be you?

If you’re like us, you may have noticed some of these aspects of the inner Good Girl and Bad Girl show up again and again:

  • Good Girl likes everything to be perfect.
    • She is the one who worries about not looking good enough, or being good enough.
    • She is the people-pleaser who feels says “sorry!” A lot.
    • She is the one who wants you to do more, be more, work longer, try harder… because let’s face it, you’re not quite there yet. Not your clothes, your house, your partner, your work, you name it, they are just not GOOD enough.
  • Bad Girl is an escape artist.
    • She is the one who is SICK and TIRED of trying to be perfect all the time, so she dives into the chocolate or ice cream or wine or  _______ (insert your favorite guilty pleasure).
    • She is the one who blames her unhappiness on everybody else. It’s her partner, boss, co-worker, parents, siblings, friends, kids. So she glares. Or yells at them.
    • She is the one who watches a ton of TV or reads trashy novels or goes shopping or any number of fun diversions that distract her from real feelings, or even your calling or creative desires – because they are scary.

Yup. We see these patterns every day, in ourselves, our mothers and sisters, our girlfriends, in our culture. It’s pretty normal (and not just for women).

Everybody has patterns like these, because they help us to survive. But there comes a point when old patterns cause distress, because they stop you from answering the call of your deeper self, of what I call Spark (you may use other words: source energy, conscience, spirit, soul, etc.)

The Authentic Woman is your deep, true nature.

  • She is the one who is longing to create.
  • She is the one who wants to collaborate and share power, not dominate or be submissive.
  • She is the one who needs to share her gifts & bring her wise, compassionate strength to the world

In this time of possibility and change, we’ve felt the call of the feminine spirit rising. But it can be hard to show up for what is truly calling you, if you are too busy pleasing everyone else. Or avoiding what’s real.

So if we are slaves to Good Girl / Bad Girl, we don’t ever get around to doing the good stuff: the work that serves our authentic soul as well as our families and communities.
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Join us SATURDAY May 18, 2012
9 am to 5 pm
At the Barn near Port Gamble
$75 includes organic lunch, refreshments and Good Girl/Bad Girl Toolkit (Scholarship or trades possible, contact us.)
Sleeping accommodations available for 6-8 overnight: $30/per person special price
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It’s time to clean out the closet.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2347″ align=”left” width=”250″ autoHeight=”true”]We came to love and cherish these sides of our personalities, even though they can create havoc in our lives. It’s about recognizing them when they show up. Because if we don’t make friends with Good Girl / Bad Girl, they operate in secret. In the closet.

It’s time to clean out our inner closets. To release the old ways and invite some new, true ways.

The goal of this retreat is to uncover these patterns or characters, and to play with them. Since we all have an inner Good Girl and Bad Girl, we can help each other get to know them better, like old friends. Because in our years of working with women of all ages, we’ve found that laughter truly is the best medicine. And tears.

Not only will you feel nourished by playful yet deep connections, you’ll leave with an individualized map guiding you toward the Authentic Woman you most want to be.

By growing and practicing these skills, you increase your capacity for authentic, feminine power:

  • Discernment to pause and notice what is going on in the moment
  • Compassion to welcome these aspects of yourself and really listen to their messages
  • Curiosity to transform voices of fear and self-criticism into helpful guides and partners
  • Courage to step into your truth, and acknowledge the radiant woman that you are right now
  • Connection to the joy of sharing your true nature with others, open to being accepted for who you are

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Good Girl / Bad Girl and the Authentic Woman Retreat is for you if:

  • You’re tired of being pulled off your center, resenting others or your self
  • You want more courage to act on your yearnings
  • Good Girl tension or Bad Girl habits are taking a toll on your body
  • You want your spirit to be freer, more in charge
  • You’re ready to release some perfectionism, in exchange for joy and creativity
  • You love making playful, growing connections with other women

[divider_advanced color=”#000000″]Here’s what to expect:
Please bring an item of clothing or accessories that represent your Good Girl and your Bad Girl.

  • Over tea and crumpets, we’ll explore the cultural qualities of both Good Girl and Bad Girl.
  • Share stories of how Good Girl / Bad Girl mess with our lives.
  • Reflect on the juicy goodness they have given us, and why they are here.
  • Honor their gifts with journaling and/or movement.
  • Enjoy an Organic, Local, Ladies Lunch (Gluten, dairy-free, vegan options)
  • Hone our observation skills and play a game designed to pinpoint our triggers.
  • Discover exactly how it feels in our bodies when Good Girl or Bad Girl come around
  • Engage our imaginations and right brain to create a map showing the path from here to there.
  • Celebrate our discoveries with a party (that Bad Girl will LOVE).

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Why Good / Bad?
Isn’t it unwise to judge ourselves like that?

Though it may seem overly simplistic, these aspects offer a pathway to understanding and unity. We seldom like to look at uncomfortable sides of ourselves, but ironically they are often a bridge to integration and the sense of balance we crave.

  • It’s about re-claiming parts of ourselves, aspects that illuminate our inherent wisdom.
  • It’s finding the Yin and Yang and dancing on the line between
  • It’s drawing on both Right Brain / creative side and Left Brain / logical sides of our nature

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About your facilitators:

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”1929″ width=”200″ autoHeight=”true”] Christine Castigliano is a writer, singer, designer, and teacher of ‘Sparkology’ —  the process of awakening and uncovering the divine essence within, and welcoming the many facets of our wholeness. Her passion is to inspire and support you to unveil your divine Spark and explore hidden aspects of the self. Adept with the magical tools of story, singing, dance, visual art, deep listening & ritual, she supports and mentors girls, teens, and women of all ages. Formats include weekly circles, initiation process work, workshops and retreats in her renovated barn overlooking the Hood Canal and Olympic Mountains. Uncovering the essence within a person, project or organization has always inspired her; Christine worked as a designer and writer for numerous magazines and newspapers, including TIME Magazine, for public television and feature films. She’s currently working on stories, songs, and performance art designed to connect us to the Spark. Her musical mini-play “Spark Story,” has been performed for many groups. She blogs & shares videos, songs, & online tools as well as her YA fantasy novel, The Twins of Tessar, via her website.


[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”1927″ width=”200″ autoHeight=”true”] Jackie Levin RN, MS of Leading Edge Nursing is an Advanced Practice Board Certified Holistic Nurse, seasoned facilitator, and personal coach. With over 25 years in the health care field, Jackie’s life work is to expand our experience of health through the wisdom of the mind-body-spirit matrix. Her workshops are founded on the philosophy that time spent in expanding our awareness of our inner world, enhances our lives and those around us.  Good Girl, Bad Girl Workshops is the newest in her repertoire of bringing health and well-being to our bodies, hearts and soul. Other programs include Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Energy-Based Healing Touch, Transformative Inquiry: A Quest of Insight and Adventure, Classical Pilates, and other holistic health strategies. In addition, Jackie is the Patient Advocate at Jefferson Healthcare in Port Townsend, Washington, the Co-Editor of the American Holistic Nurses Association Research Electronic Newsletter and a contributing author in the 6th Edition of Holistic Nursing:  A Handbook for Practice. Before being swept off her feet by the Northwest and her husband, Randy, Jackie was the Founder and Director of the MindBody Patient Care and Education Program at New York University Langone Medical Center in New York City and a hospice nurse in Vermont.


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