Flourishing Fridays

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Creative Transformation Circle for Women

Flourishing Fridays is a weekly experiential learning circle for women to grow, connect, create and communicate from the Heart. Whether you are in a life transition, seeking transformation or simply enjoy meaningful (and fun) connections with open-hearted women, please join us!

  • Most Fridays from 12-2:30pm, North Bainbridge
  • RSVP for directions; call or txt 206-852-3152
  • Healthy snacks & tea provided, bring simple food to share
  • Sliding scale, suggested $10-20, all 4 meetings in advance, $35

Here’s our flow:

12pm Snacks & Settle: share potluck snacks with a check-in
12:45 Opening: intentions, song, invocation, or body-mind-spirit, through breath, voice, or light movement
1:15 Creative Transformation: Each week offers a theme/activity to deepen awareness, emotional intelligence, self-love, and conscious communications. Modalities include body-based learning, voice (story, breathwork or simple sounds), spirit (appreciation, ritual), making art, meditation and/or experience in Nature.
2:15 Reflections: share your experience or a story that relates to the theme
2:45-3pm Closing

Past Themes & Activities have included:

  • Your Feminine Essence – share the core of your beauty and well-being. Wear an item of clothing that your feminine side LOVES.
  • Speaking your Truth: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – share a brief story of how it works for you – or doesn’t; practice speaking from heart wisdom.
  • Your Divine Spark – she’s been with you since birth. Bring a photo of your younger self; share your Hearts Desire, then and now.
  • The Heart is a Flower – bring/gather flowers and herbs, and make arrangements to reflect your growth and blossoming.
  • Transformative Motion  – where has your journey taken you this year? Show us, and be seen, reflected and loved.
  • Earth-based ceremonies: for Solstice, Full Moon, New Moon, Day of the Dead; Queen’s Coming of Age rituals

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