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Do it brave (like Bowie)

Such sweet outpouring of appreciation for the artist David Bowie.

(last night at Om Culture in Seattle our vocal troupe sang a mashup of his songs that had stirred our young blood, then we danced like teenagers to his music old and new).

We are in love with his bravery, to be who he is.
His willingness! to explore the far reaches of space in and out.
His courage! to express those wild realms in every color, shade and tone.
Come what may.

You too have access to that wide space.
Do you feel the prickles of ideas?

May you uncover your own brave heart (remember the child who ran barefoot?)

May you connect with the something that whispers ‘make this…’
and do that thing.

Do it brave (like Bowie)

but do it your own way.
Come what may.


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How whining can refuel your creative Spark

Fall is a time of changes, leaves falling, blah blah blah. I hope you’ve been doing just GREAT with all that.

How to Make Friends with Fear and all its Sneaky, Freaky, Nicey, Spicy WaysWhile I’m excited about my upcoming workshop at Dayaalu Center in October, which you are absolutely invited to, I’ve also been whining. A little. 

While others here in the ‘Northwet’ region welcome the rain and its quieter settling-in time, my inner Summer Girl is all about joy, light and dancing. She gets very sad in the Fall. “It’s so damn cold this morning, I gotta wear a turtleneck. No more sundresses, eating outside, swimming… The chill and dark and rain are coming, and its only gonna get worse! Wah!”

Other inner voices chime in, like Wise One. She’s an old lady who loves to dig around in the dirt. “Yeah, well. Everything’s gotta die back, sweetie.”

Inner Queen, the one who holds it all together, whispers, “Yes, darlin’, I hear you. But if the earth still turns, the sun and warmth you love will return. It’s shining today.”

Artist grabs the phone to take a photo. “I’m loving all that orange and yellow and red up in the maples!”

Why do I share this embarrassing multiple personality scenario? Because understanding my inner peeps is a vital piece of Making Friends with Fear. So I can do my creative work, thankyouverymuch.

Allowing my inner voices to be expressed is a vital act of self-love. If I pretend they don’t exist (because I’m an adult, dammit, and should be over it by now) my inner ‘guardians’ can unwittingly squash my creative juice. Drag me down. Hold me back from my brilliance and from flourishing as a creator. Which all of us are.
[framed_box width=”580px” bgColor=”#FFF5BC” textColor=”#000000″]When I express all my ‘colors’ without shame, I come home to myself.
In that place, I feel joyful, courageous and confident. Ready to do my creative work.[/framed_box]
Part of my work is to encourage YOUR creative essence to flourish, so YOU can create what you most desire. 

Take a moment now to connect with some of your freaky sneaky inner world:

  1. Take a breath and let out a long sigh, ahhhh….
  2. Listen. What wants to be heard? (like the seven dwarves, whatever you got, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy, or whatever, let ’em have their say.)
  3. Express out loud or silently to yourself. Have fun with this. Let it rip!
  4. How do you feel now?

It may be counterintuitive, but when you express the shizzle, it has a chance to relax. You’ll often feel lighter, smiling, more inspired to create whatever you’re ready for.

This post is part of #braveblogging challenge, in which we show our TRUE colors.

Feeling brave? Tell me about your most ‘colorful’ inner characters!


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Our Voices, Now

Heading to Seattle’s 23rd Women of Wisdom conference to offer 2 workshops. Info is below.

So excited to support women in deep voice work:  listening and opening our voices! Please join us!

Here are 3 events coming up where you can share your beautiful, true Voice 🙂

Open our Voices NOW ~ The Power of Song and Spoken Word
Monday, Feb 16, 9am – noon, Women of Wisdom Conference, North Seattle College.
WOW Members $40; others $50; Student w/ID & Seniors 65+ $30; Teens 13-18, $10
Come express your heart’s deepest desire. Though improvisational voice games and free writing we’ll get to the core of what we want to say, then shape into simple songs and/or spoken word pieces. You’re invited to share at the optional Open Mic/Banquet (1:30-4pm). REGISTER here.

Young Women & Teens Taking Action ~ Generations Co-Creating Change
Saturday Feb 14, 1:30-4:30, Women of Wisdom conference, North Seattle College.
$25 adults/$10 teens or by scholarship – REGISTER here.
Be inspired by young women who are making a difference in their communities: including our local “Girl in a Tree” Chiara Rose (D’angelo Patricio), and others. Explore positive ways for elders, moms, aunties and friends to collaborate with young people, as we make new connections for powerful change.

NEW Vocal Improv Trio : Improvapella (the Imps) 
“The Sound of Not Knowing” interactive concert
Mossback Cafe, 26185 Ohio Avenue, Kingston, WA
Sunday, February 22, dinner from 5-9
Music @ 7pm, suggested donation $5-10
Join me, Gordon Sims and V Calvez as we share random acts of sonic awesomeness: spontaneous songs created in the moment! And an invitation for you to tap, snap and sing along if you like!

Spark Circles: creative healing for women, Tuesday nights 6-9 in Suquamish
NEW Authentic Voice Class coming soon, Fridays 12:30-3:30, Winslow
Reply, text or call 206-852-3152 for info.