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Sound Healing for Standing Rock

sound healing for standing rock

In case you’ve been under a Rock (as I often am, avoiding news media),  you may not have heard about #WaterIsLife.

The Standing Rock Sioux Nation is protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The proposed pipeline was illegally permitted, would endanger the drinking water provided by the Missouri River and disturb sacred sites.

As an environmentalist, and a great lover of water, I’m connected with several groups who are actively supporting this action.

As an American, I cannot sit and watch Native Americans once again be trampled over, their treaty rights ignored, in the name of profit.

At the UN climate talks in Paris last December, I was blessed to be with indigenous peoples from around the world.

At an amazing ceremony with people of all colors from every nation, they spoke of an ancient prophecy. Of a time when unprecedented unity is called forth.

That time is now. Thousands of peoples have journeyed to North Dakota in support, from every nation. The pipeline project has not been stopped yet. The chill of winter is coming.

Paul and his modern teepee

My inspiring friend Paul Cheyok’ten Wagner, of the Saanich First Nations of Vancouver Island, created a project to design and build strong winter tepees. The tepees come with simple woodstoves to provide shelter and warmth for up to 15 of the many people who continue to come to Standing Rock. Check out his GoFundMe site here.

Each teepee will cost about $250 in materials.  My goal is to raise enough funds for at least one teepee.

Can you help?

In exchange for a donation to this project, I offer you a Sound Healing session, a powerful experience in which I use vocal sound to ‘read’ your body.

Learn more about sound healing sessions here.

Each session is 50 minutes. Your donation is $50.  I will collect donations and send %100 to Paul’s campaign.

Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo or Suquamish
Fridays between 3:30 and 5pm.
If this time doesn’t work, you are in Seattle or King County let’s find an alternate date/time/place, or SKYPE can work, too.

Please contact Christine via voice or text (206-852-3152) to schedule your session.


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How whining can refuel your creative Spark

Fall is a time of changes, leaves falling, blah blah blah. I hope you’ve been doing just GREAT with all that.

How to Make Friends with Fear and all its Sneaky, Freaky, Nicey, Spicy WaysWhile I’m excited about my upcoming workshop at Dayaalu Center in October, which you are absolutely invited to, I’ve also been whining. A little. 

While others here in the ‘Northwet’ region welcome the rain and its quieter settling-in time, my inner Summer Girl is all about joy, light and dancing. She gets very sad in the Fall. “It’s so damn cold this morning, I gotta wear a turtleneck. No more sundresses, eating outside, swimming… The chill and dark and rain are coming, and its only gonna get worse! Wah!”

Other inner voices chime in, like Wise One. She’s an old lady who loves to dig around in the dirt. “Yeah, well. Everything’s gotta die back, sweetie.”

Inner Queen, the one who holds it all together, whispers, “Yes, darlin’, I hear you. But if the earth still turns, the sun and warmth you love will return. It’s shining today.”

Artist grabs the phone to take a photo. “I’m loving all that orange and yellow and red up in the maples!”

Why do I share this embarrassing multiple personality scenario? Because understanding my inner peeps is a vital piece of Making Friends with Fear. So I can do my creative work, thankyouverymuch.

Allowing my inner voices to be expressed is a vital act of self-love. If I pretend they don’t exist (because I’m an adult, dammit, and should be over it by now) my inner ‘guardians’ can unwittingly squash my creative juice. Drag me down. Hold me back from my brilliance and from flourishing as a creator. Which all of us are.
[framed_box width=”580px” bgColor=”#FFF5BC” textColor=”#000000″]When I express all my ‘colors’ without shame, I come home to myself.
In that place, I feel joyful, courageous and confident. Ready to do my creative work.[/framed_box]
Part of my work is to encourage YOUR creative essence to flourish, so YOU can create what you most desire. 

Take a moment now to connect with some of your freaky sneaky inner world:

  1. Take a breath and let out a long sigh, ahhhh….
  2. Listen. What wants to be heard? (like the seven dwarves, whatever you got, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy, or whatever, let ’em have their say.)
  3. Express out loud or silently to yourself. Have fun with this. Let it rip!
  4. How do you feel now?

It may be counterintuitive, but when you express the shizzle, it has a chance to relax. You’ll often feel lighter, smiling, more inspired to create whatever you’re ready for.

This post is part of #braveblogging challenge, in which we show our TRUE colors.

Feeling brave? Tell me about your most ‘colorful’ inner characters!


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On the Path of Ahhh

Bainbridge Ignite 3
Tonight, Ignite Bainbridge 3: “Just Say Ahhh: Tapping the Flow of Well-being.”

First, some easy Ahhs: Favorite beverage. Internet treats. The Big Win.
In-TheMoment Ahhh: Notice your energy. Say “Ahhh” and lean back into the present moment.
For me, the Ultimate Ahhh is when I follow my Heart’s Desire (like tonight, sharing my voice in community).

Following the path of your Heart’s Desire is like being on a Quest.
On the PathLike Frodo in Lord of the Rings, you may be hesitant to set out. Or perhaps you’re at one of these places:

  • At a fork in the road, looking at the possibilities
  • Meandering, arriving back at the same spot over and over
  • At a midpoint, exhausted, wondering if it’s worth it
  • On a steep climb to a significant milestone

If you’re like me, you often feel you should be farther along. No matter where you are on your path, it’s vital to pause and notice just how far you’ve come, and all you have accomplished.

Right now, take a breath. Say “ahhh.”
Celebrate the beauty of your experiences thus far. Acknowledge your courage. Appreciate the help and gifts you’ve received from others. Really breathe this in to your whole body. Ahhh!

If you’re ready to embody the next phase of your journey, please join us.

Clearing the Path to Your Heart’s Desire: Spring Training 
Sat. May 17, 1-6 pm. $60
Pond Road Retreat Center near Port Townsend, WA.
More Info and Register:


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What I learned at Summer Spark Camp

Last week girls a gaggle of 8-11 year old girls descended on our property for our annual Summer Spark Day Camp.

I learned as much – or more – about Spark than the kids. Not by leading, but by following.

The intention is to prepare preteen girls for the social-emotional challenges that can pop up like scary clowns in early adolescence. For example: Looking in the mirror, not liking what we see. Saying rotten things to ourselves. Trying to get approval from folks who may never give it. Watching our friendships mysteriously go “poof.”

These are real topics that girls in my teen circles talk about. If we can’t spare them the hardships of the road, can we give them tools to negotiate the terrain? Can we guide them to their core, so they won’t forget how sweet, beautiful and powerful they are?

My copilot Katherine Wieseman and I devised a sequence of themes, activities and movement games to connect the girls to their inner value (Spark) and to each other. We planned to make hula hoops, practice communication with games and collaborate on a project of their choosing.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2476″ width=”250″ autoHeight=”true” align=”right”]On Day One the girls got so creative during snack time that we abandoned other plans.

After grazing on strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples and snow peas in our garden, they begged: “Can we make fruit salad?”

An hour later, we shared a gorgeous array of dishes made entirely by them. Surprise: basil with a dusting of sugar is excellent! Who knew?

The day was focused, playful, smiling, laughing, experimental, productive, problem solving. But it had little to do with our ideas, other than a few movement games Katherine led us in.

On Day Two we went to the beach. My favorite moment was crouching in wonder at the colors and textures of life in a square foot of tide pool. Calloway led me there, to catch crabs to stay in her Crab Hotel made from a clam shell.

On Day Three we brainstormed project ideas on a giant pad. “Let’s bake pies with the fruit! Let’s make art! A treasure hunt!” We helped them negotiate and happily blend ideas to create an event for parents and siblings the last day of camp.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2483″ align=”left” width=”275″ autoHeight=”true”] On Day Four they devised the official Spark Olympics Treasure Hunt. They wrote rhyming clues to guide our guests to places we explored at camp: the Spring, the Greenhouse, the Blueberry Patch, the Apple Orchard, the Wheelbarrow, and my husband’s Sculpture Garden, aka Junk Pile. Each place had an activity, so parents could try out our games.

On Day Five we scurried like a synchronized team of happy ants, making fresh juices, testing the Spark Olympics before our guests arrived.

We asked them for one word for how they felt. “Excited! Happy! Ready!”

The event was beautiful, epic. Though our plans went by the wayside, the intention held: to build core confidence through the creative joys of collaboration. And it was done almost by magic, without trying.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2482″ align=”right” width=”300″ autoHeight=”true”]What did I learn? That the real juice of learning happens when we trust the moment. Bits of what we know – or want to know – can simply flow between us, lifted by smiles and laughter.

Creativity is more than making art or music. It’s using what we have (fruit, the land, each other) to make something beautiful and useful.

This feels good, like evolution. And it will live on in memory, feeding us long after the last piece of pie is gone.

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Why I work with girls on the verge

I’m called to work with girls and women of all ages, because I believe the world needs our gifts, skills and feminine ways, to show up in full capacity. I’m especially passionate about girls on the verge of their teens.

Why? Because I was SO lost at that age.

  • I lived in front of the TV with a carton of ice cream.
  • My parents are brilliant, caring folk- but they fought every minute of the day and night.
  • My sisters and I were physically ok, abandoned emotionally.
  • I had very little sense of my beauty. Strengths. Talents.
  • My loves, dreams, and longings were rarely seen.
  • As I blossomed into womanhood, a predatory man nine years older came along.
  • I left home and moved in with him at age 14.
  • I dropped out freshman year, and enrolled in the school of Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll.
  • I lived dangerously and nearly died at least three times.

I’m so blessed to have survived! Yet I did not thrive, or discover my core Spark, until much later.

And thus it is my deepest desire that all girls (and boys, men, women, beings):

  • know their own magnificence.
  • know the ways of their own core, and how to hold on to it, when the road gets rocky. As it will.

When our daughters’ beauty, strength, and longings are reflected, when they feel confident, and they belong, they can step into their best self.

That’s why I do Summer Spark Day Camp for Girls 9-13.

Please pass this on to the moms with girls in your life.
The deadline for registration is this Monday, July 29. When our minimum is met, we may accept a few later. Thank you!

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What we need most to change the world

I’m so grateful to spend last week with 80+ inspiring and influential change-makers, edge-walkers, & visionaries at the Hollyhock Summer Gathering. It’s a diverse group of social entrepreneurs, educators, writers, artists, thinkers and healers to explore social transformation. Amazing people who make a real impact.

All are driven to make a difference. To transform despair into positive action. To change the world. (yes, it was a tad intimidating!)

What’s the common denominator? What skills do visionaries use and teach, again and again? What do young people need in order to make a future they can fall in love with?

Creativity and collaboration.

All of us are inherently creative. We all yearn for connection and collaboration. But not all of us give our lives to a cause.

How can you help shape the future, even if you are not a born activist?

1. Follow your Spark. It’ll tell you what needs to come alive, for community, culture & the world to be re-made.

2. Give your time & energy to the young. One afternoon I made friends with the lovely girls in the photo above, and helped them finish their mermaid scupture. Here’s a few tips on working with teens and young adults:

    • Lighten up on all things agenda. Be willing to just hang out.
    • Ask about their ideas. Listen.
    • Be real & authentic, open & curious, wacky & playful.
    • Teach them what they want to know. Explore side-by-side. 
    • Learn from them. 

In July, I got to do all that with 6 beautiful young ladies at our first SummerSpark! Day Camp for Girls & Teens. < see photos & video we made.

We’re doing it again next week. Please pass this on or share our Facebook event. Thanks!

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How self-awareness opens stuck doors

Like many women, I long to amplify my voice, to make a difference. That’s why I’m in Tara Mohr’s PlayingBig course. Yet there’s another part of me that doesn’t like it one bit.

I made this video – and lullaby – for any of you with a similar Pushme-Pullyou thing going on. One part is stretching and growing, while another part is kicking and screaming.

A few weeks ago I presented “SparkStorySong” at an Ignite event for 150+ people. While slides of me as a baby and a gawky kid were projected on a movie screen, I sang and told the story of how my Spark of the divine got covered up, and how I learned to know and love all my inner “layers” so I could sing again.

The crowd loved it. Many people told me how touched they were, how they felt the same way.

I was thrilled and filled with plans. Pitching more presentations. Scheduling and creating programs on how to access inner characters, to transform destructive energies into forces for good. But over the next days and weeks, my energy dropped. I was ineffective. I had trouble with time management, mood swings and even getting out of bed. For someone who teaches inner awareness, I had to laugh — and cry — at the irony!

What really worked was noticing how my characters showed up to try and protect me, to keep me small and safe. By playing bigger, I had triggered my deepest character, a little baby who isn’t quite ready for prime time. Knowing her, I could work with her, see her, give her what she needs. Sing her a lullaby. Tell her it’s going to be all right. It’s in the video.

Now I’m back in the flow, creating more effectively. I wish the same for you.


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How to move through a deep, dark forest of Questions

I love big, important questions: What’s it all about? Why am I here? What is the shape and color of what I’m supposed to be giving, sharing, doing? How shall I spend these precious moments?

Living in America in a time of vast cultural and economic wealth, there’s a downside of too many choices. Like 500 varieties of shampoo at the store, I sometimes face my options. And go numb.

As a multi-creative plate-spinner, I can be paralyzed by choice. A year ago I longed to find a ‘container’ that could carry the full range of what I love: spirit work, singing, writing, drawing, video, dance. I decided to teach what I’ve learned navigating the inner realm, and to serve the Spark within us all.

The many forms of communication and expression I’ve cultivated do serve in this way, to reach people on many different levels. However, a new teaching practice (business) requires vast amounts of energy. Creating, planning, scheduling, networking, teaching, marketing, speaking, etc.

Some days, it’s fine. Other days, I notice what I’ve given up: growing and tending my own creative children. And soon I’m in the Land of Exhausting Questions:

Why am I doing this, and not creating? Shouldn’t I just write real songs, collaborate, start a singing career, in midlife? Work on that multimedia graphic e-book I started last year? Finish Book II of my fantasy series, Twins of Tessar? What about that paranormal memoir, still in first draft? And that blog series combining episodes of my story with useful tools, a book done by the end of the year?

Questioning. Overwhelmed. Stuck.

It’s a familiar feeling. An addiction, perhaps. One that keeps me stalled, and safe.

[blockquote align=”center”]At the heart of it, is my adorable little ego’s desire to know the ‘Right’ answer. To not make mistakes. To avoid painful detours and back alleys. To be certain.[/blockquote]

But to be human, and creating, is not about certainty. It’s about remaining open, flexible, fluid, and MOVING. Even if you’re sitting still.

What can I do about this old pattern? I can notice it arriving like a familiar friend, and say, “Thank you. I hear you. But all these questions are simply not helpful. I’m listening to my Spark now.”

I can cultivate ways to stay in the Right Here Right Now. Breathe. Express what’s there, then shake it off. Allow my body and the moment and the calling of my deepest, most joyful desires, to lead me toward the next step.

Tell me: do you ever get lost in a deep dark forest of questions? What do you do when your options become overwhelming?


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Leaping into Weird (& lovin’ it)

Do you worry about being too weird? The original sense of the word was more positive than today.

[blockquote align=”center” cite=””]Wyrd is an Old English noun, a feminine one, from the verb weorthan, meaning “to come to pass, to become.”[/blockquote]These days I’m called to become my full-on weird self. The one that is unique. The one who will say and do things that others don’t.

That’s why I’m in a course called PlayingBig, to learn from lovely, wise, big-playing Tara Mohr. We’re learning to leap, to take risks.

My leap is sharing a deep personal story, a spoken word song about Spark. It’s about how my pure joy for singing got buried under layers of protective ‘armor,’ and then revealed again.

The juiciest singing for me is in the moment, soulful, in service to that which travels through me and my heart. I often feel called to sing at random moments. I want to be a person who does that, who sings openly to express joy, and not just in the usual performance places. But spontaneous singing is wild. Unexpected. Weird. 

As I leap into more weird, I’m leaving my protected, perfect, hiding self behind. It’s only natural that I will make some social mistakes.

After some recent experimentation I woke with this Lizard brain loop in my head:
You’re difficult, a pain in the ass, imposing your voice on others, asking for special favors, don’t know when to shut up.”

Then I received an angelic, whole-body hug, and waves of love:
“You’re learning. It’s ok. Better to take a leap and risk a social gaffe than never to leap at all.”

[framed_box bgColor=”#FEFFB4″]I’ve lived by some black-and-white rules.
Brilliance thwarted, closed off, contained, hiding.
Brilliance full-on, shining, burning bright, no holds barred.
What lies between?


What is the right time and place to share our gifts? We can’t find out unless we try.


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Spring Cleaning: uncover your shiny Self

It’s spring. Time to shed the old to make way for new growth. Reminds me of this Scandinavian story told by dear friend and master storyteller Daniel Deardorff.

[framed_box bgColor=”#F3FFD0″ textColor=”#4B00AB” rounded=”true”] [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”1293″ align=”right” size=”medium” width=”206″ height=”211″ autoHeight=”true”]The Lindworm Prince is the first born son, but he’s a worm. He’s thrown out of the castle and grows into a fierce dragon. By rights he gets to marry first, except he keeps eating all the eligible maidens.

The woodsman’s daughter is smart. She visits a wise woman for some tips before meeting the dragon. She cleverly tricks him into taking off his skins and scrubs him down until a handsome prince is revealed beneath seven black crusty layers. They marry and all is well![/framed_box]

Notice that nobody killed this dragon. Instead, a shining price emerged after shedding those layers.

The day after I heard this story, I couldn’t get the image of layers out of my head. What were my hidden layers? Could I wash them away?

I’m visual. Need to see things. So I pulled out big paper and fat pastels, and drew a rough human shape in purple, with six more colored layers inside. Each one whispered to me.

Purple layer said, “Look good. Always.”
Blue layer said, “Be good. Always.”
Gold layer said, “Be numb. Be dumb.”
Green layer said, “Do, do, do.”
Orange layer said, “Never enough.”
Red layer said, “Get control.”
The black layer had X’s, like barbed wire. It said: “I hate weakness.”

Oh yeah. I knew those dragon layers, very well. They had been bossing me around for years.

With tears of recognition on my face, I drew the center. Light yellow, glowing. My shining real Self, my spark, the one who all the other layers had to protect. The Self I invite each day to guide me.

Those outer layers are still here. Here in the real world it’s not so easy to wash them away. But since I befriended them, when they show up I say, “Hi! I know you, old friend. Thanks for your advice, but I’m listening to that one in the middle. The One who knows.”

Tell me: do you recognize any of these layers? Do they boss you around? Love your comments.

P.S. If you’d like to uncover some hidden layers that tell you what to do, and you’re near Bainbridge Island, WA, I invite you to check out my new group class, S.H.I.F.T.