Books: The Twins of Tessar

The Twins of Tessar

What would you do if you looked in the mirror and saw a boy’s face
(and you’re a girl?)

The Twins of Tessar

Fifteen-year-old Yolanda lives alone in her ramshackle house in the backwoods. When she looks in her mirror and sees a boy’s face instead of her own, she panics. Could he be the twin brother she never knew, the secret Mama wouldn’t talk about before she died?

When she sees him again, reflected in the TV and in the toaster, Yolanda runs to the hills to find the old midwife who delivered her. She’s the only one who knows for sure if Yolanda even had a twin.

Miz Becca admits that her twin disappeared just after their birth. She also sees Yolanda’s unique talent – the vision to see the truth.

That night her twin appears in a hidden lake under a full moon. Yolanda dives in after him, determined to find some answers. She steps out into another world, in another time, but her twin is gone. Again.

The land, home to spirits and living gods of ancient Asia, is under siege. Yolanda befriends a young warrior named Ming. Chased by guards and bandits, they trek across the East to a distant mountaintop where all the answers lie.

Yolanda finds power in her vision. But can she trust it enough to see the real boy, the one behind the reflection?

[blockquote cite=”Kay Goering”]This is a great book for tweens. Good and evil are clearly defined in this story about a young girl wanting to discover who she is…The tension in this well-written story keeps the reader wanting to turn the pages.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Liz Matteson”]Highly recommended. A wide range of ages will love this book, especially teens! Captivating from page one, I especially appreciated the main character’s developing trust in her own power, and the guidance and vision she receives. Christine Castigliano writes with clarity and insight into human nature and mythic predicaments.[/blockquote]

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