Why work with me?

Find your Voice. Share your Truth. Skip the soul-sucking anxiety.

Christine Castigliano

Are you DONE trying so effing hard to get every single thing right? And still not

I get it. I was a damn good people pleaser and perfectionist. Working 15 hour days for TIME Magazine, Universal Studios, Microsoft. In corporate America my voice – my ideas – got squashed. Trampled. Belittled. Even stolen. But did I stand up for myself? Not yet.

Not a new story. My voice was shut down by the time I was 12. I didn’t say HELL NO to the men who abused me #metoo. I stopped singing, my true joy. I went along with things I didn’t want. To avoid making waves.

It took years to reclaim the full power of my own voice. Now I’m a bad*ss diva, singing my heart out daily. I’ve spoken in front of hundreds of people (in costume as water-protecting character Queen Poopicina, I actually sat on a composting toilet at Town Hall Seattle). Wrote Spark Story, a one-woman musical on the fear of singing, plus three books.

But what really gets me pumped? Helping YOU find your voice. To reclaim your creative powers. If you don’t speak up and show up for yourself, who will?

Unlike our grandmothers, who didn’t have a voice, your time is NOW. You’re riding the wave of a new generation. We are here to change this old story. NOW.

Good news! I’ve discovered tools and practices that blast through those old stories. So you can recover what you lost, so you can:
  • Feel confident about speaking up, without sweaty palms and heart palpitations
  • Stop letting others steal your energy and ideas, without having to master kickboxing
  • Go after that bucket list dream, with no fear of failing and landing on your ass

If you wanna reclaim your voice, so you can stop holding back on all that good stuff you have to share, I’m here for you.

If you are ready to speak your truth, stand up for what you believe in, write a book, or sing your song – basically rock your full creative voice in the world – I would love to help.

Sound Soul Insights combines sound energy healing with coaching to cut to the heart of whatever is getting in your way. In your first session, you’ll meet the old stories from the past that are still hanging out in your body. They’re working hard to keep you safe, but here’s what sucks: they can grab hold of your throat like a vise grip. Or squeeze it down so small nothing much can get through. Not speaking up for what you want. Or saying Hell No to what you don’t want.

You’ll also get totally personalized coaching, so you can follow through on your most urgent dreams. Plus a deck of tools you can use every day to grow your creative mind, open heart, energetic body and that resilient spirit that I know is just bursting to express itself. Fully.

Shoot me a text or call me at 360-598-3846 to schedule a session. Let’s nail down what you’re after and choose the right session or package for you 😃 so you can rock that powerful voice of yours!

I can’t wait to see what you are going to create next!

Fun Facts:

  • I love to sing my name: Christine Ahhh!
  • After dropping out of high school, 10 years later I was designing the cover of TIME Magazine
  • Sang on the streets of Paris for the UN Climate Change Conference with Salmon is Life
  • Designed sets and such for several films, including Universal Studios’ “White Palace
  • Jumped online WAY back in 1997 to start a small web design/animation studio
  • Love van life; built online courses while roaming the US in our VW camper
  • I’m so white, but got to sing in the musical “Black Nativity” with Seattle’s Total Experience Gospel Choir
  • Went to boot camp (for science fiction and fantasy writers ) with Ursula K. Le Guin, Greg Bear, Octavia Butler
  • Self-published a fantasy novel, The Twins of Tessar, wrote shitty first drafts of two novels and a non-fiction

This I Believe…

Your voice is vital. Not just for your own creativity. fulfillment. We need your energy, talents and wisdom to balance out the greater good. Don’t let your ideas stay stuck inside you!

I can’t wait to meet you, online or in person. Call me at 360-598-3846, or connect via Facebook.