Everyday Spark

Mothering the Spark

There’s this beautiful Spark of the divine in you.
She’s the part of you that’s connected to everything.
He’s the antennae inside you that is always tuned to the god channel.
She’s on intimate terms with the god in others, in plants, animals, the earth, the elements, the universe.

Sometimes others can see your Spark more clearly than you can.

He’s alive. Even if you haven’t felt him much lately.
She toils endlessly, making herself known through your dreams, your body, your desires, your relationships.
He’s waiting for you to notice.

She knows your gifts and your suffering.
He’s longing to be closer to you. For you to hear his whispers.
To hang out with you in a hammock, while sweet breezes tickle your skin.

Mother your Spark.
Nurture him as you would a precious, wise child.
Listen to her murmurs, her longings.
Hold him closer than your most passionate lover.
Feed her with the honey of your attention.

Sing to your Spark the lullabies of your dreams & visions,
So she will know you have not abandoned her.


By christine

I’m a singer, coach and creative facilitator. I work with people who want to open their full voice so they can connect, create and communicate from the Heart. I offer heart & voice workshops, circles, HeartsQuest retreats, Summer Spark Camps, HeartsVoice coaching and sound healing sessions.