Let’s UnZip your Voice.

  • Want to stand in your power? Express your truth? Claim what matters to you?
  • Do you stand up for yourself? Say what you really feel? What you want (and don’t want).
  • Do you wanna write that book? Sing your song? Create like a bad*ss…

Yessss! But old stories keep getting in your way…

  • Demanders. Make you work so effing hard. Do what others want, now. Do it perfectly.
  • Detractors. Mean Self-talk. Inner critics who say you’re not good enough.
  • Distractors. Tempt you from your purpose. Binging on chocolate, red wine, Netflix…

You’re not alone. And it’s not your fault.

You inherited these programs. Residues from your childhood, your conditioning. Your ancestors.

Still, these old stories belong to you now. They steal your energy. Your dreams. And they block your throat chakra. Your creative voice.

NOW is the time, darlin.’ To heal, mend and release these old stories. So you can create what your heart is calling you to make and share.

But how can you clear out these old stories?

First, sign up for some LoveNotes.

You’ll get 3 Free Sound Energy Tools and Training designed to heal your throat chakra, so you can speak your truth (with your partner, kids, boss, date…) Express your creative ideas at work. Live your Heart’s purpose.

Thank you, Darlin! For saying YES to your authentic Voice.

If you’d like some special one-on-one time to clear those old stories from your body and your psyche, check out Sound Soul Insights. This unique session combines sound energy healing with a deep soul reading. So trauma from your lineage and your ancestors can be revealed and healed.

Contact me for more info 🙂

I can’t wait to see what you’ll create, with some throat chakra healing!

With love,

Events in the Salish Sea area

Mermaid Temple seattle retreat empowering our voices and visions may 3-5

NOW MORE THAN EVER — our voices DO matter.
We come together to reclaim what has been lost. To magnify our courage. To ignite our creative spirit of change. To define and claim our Heart Projects: the ways we manifest our power in the world.
JOIN US May 3, 4 & 5, 2019 at the Barn with a View near Port Gamble, WA.


Harmonic Vibes!

Check in later this spring when this circle resumes. We gather to enjoy an inspiring mix of sound healing, sounding and singing from our hearts.


We sing together to get in the flow, and express our deep respect and honoring of the waters: the oceans, streams and rivers.

This circle meets every other Tuesday in North Kitsap, WA. From April- September.

Contact me for an invitation to the next Sound and Stories circle.

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